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The Covenant Cast

Dec 29, 2020

Having looked back at this year - and what a notable year it has been - we discuss what it will be like to move on in 2021. More games? Less games? More social engagement? Less social engagement? Calling it right is an unrivaled opportunity.

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Dec 16, 2020

Having talked to a number of guests about how they adapted to such an exceptional year, we thought it best to do the same. Join us for a look back, often way back, on challenges faced and lessons learned.

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Dec 8, 2020

In a "strategic realignment" by Asmodee, all current FFG miniatures games (that, importantly, also happen to be Star Wars games) have moved to Atomic Mass, the Asmodee-owned studio responsible for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. What does it all mean? Join us for an episode of pure speculation.

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Nov 22, 2020

James White started Legend Story Studios to launch the Flesh and Blood TCG in 2019, after over seven years of development. But like so many publishers, 2020 became a crucible of determination and adaptation. Surprisingly, though, the game is now growing by leaps and bounds - and according to James, the next set,...

Nov 17, 2020

Last week's Ashes stream was filled with an excitement that is familiar to most of us - the moment when you see behind the curtain, when your understanding of a game is catapulted into new territory that reveals previously unknown possibilities. The best games find ways to create those moments over, and over, and...